Kasino Blackjack

Available on Android Market

Kasino BlackJack is a training tool for casino Blackjack players and card counters. I wrote this so I could practice my Blackjack skills on my G1 phone, without having to lug around a double deck of cards and chips. This application simulates head to head Blackjack against the dealer with a shuffled and cut deck with 1 to 12 decks. Shows the discard tray so you can track deck penetration and tracks the count so you can check your counting accuracy.

Rules: Usual Blackjack rules apply, specifically: Bet $5-$50, split any pair, no re-splitting, double down on any first two cards, double after split. Dealer hits soft seventeen, Blackjack pays three to two, insurance pays two to one, no surrender.

Menu Options:

Preferences: Select 1 through 12 decks to play with, thickness of the cut, and initial bank roll for a new game.

Count: Shows the current count.

Stats: Shows the number decks in play, hands played since shuffle, deck penetration, and total hands played in game.

The Counting System: The counting system used in Kasino Blackjack is the 'KO' system developed by Vacara and Fuchs, I highly recommend their book and website . This a single level unbalanced system, count card values as shown below. The IRC for each number of decks is also shown. The final running count for any number of decks is always +4 . Pivot points for different numbers of decks, options and strategies are described by Vacara and Fuchs.

Card count values:

 2-7 : count +1

8 and 9 : count 0

10, face cards, ace : count  -1

Initial Running Counts (IRC):

1 Deck: 0

2 Decks: -4

4 Decks: -12

6 Decks: -20

8 Decks: -28

12 Decks: -44

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