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These are some examples of public facing applications that we have developed for various clients.

You'll need Java to run the applets, get the latest version here if you need it.

Android Phone Applications

Kasino Blackjack A training tool for casino Blackjack players.

Range Finder Pro for Android.  A professional grade geographic data system, available on Android Market.

Developer: Mark Kahrl

Java Desktop Application:

This is the Java desktop client for SnowPilot, PC-Pilot works on PC's and Mac, consumes the SnowPilot J2EE data services. Download and double-click to run, you can see all the current data in the DB with the 'Web Client' feature.

Developer: Mark Kahrl

Java Applet Web Applications

These are applets developed for Lidget Green to deliver study materials, structured lessons, and on-line tests. The online tests are scored and recorded automatically and securely. These applets consume web data services implemented in J2EE/MySQL which we also developed.

Developers: Mark Kahrl, Eric Sarvey.

Smart Phone/PDA client application

SnowPilot is a Palm PDA/smart phone client for Palm OS. It is written in Java, but compiled to Palm native code.

Developer: Mark Kahrl

Multi-media web sites/applications.

E-commerce applications.

Cross Platform Distributed Web Application.

Snow Pilot is a highly sophisticated data collection, analysis, and archiving software system. Various clients for PDA and desktop environments all consume web based data services to gather, share and store data across the system. See http://www.snowpilot.org for a complete description. Developer: Mark Kahrl

Integrated Smart Phone, Web 2.0 application.

This application allows you to publish text and pictures directly to your Movable Type blog from your phone. This blog was published entirely from my Blackberry. If you want to give this application a try on your own Blackberry, email me for a download link, username and password. Developer: Mark Kahrl